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  1. Dear Florian Dana,

    we noticed that you are selling an App in the Apple AppStore called: "Medicinal Plants Pro".

    We, Alphablind Studio, are also selling an App called on the Apple AppStore called "Medicinal Plants Pro". Our App is already available since 2011.


    The Apple AppStore rules state that it is not allowed to sell different Apps with the same name.

    We kindly ask you to rename your App. Otherwise we will have to contact Apple to resolve this issue.

    Frank Grunwald


    M. Sc. Frank Grunwald
    Alphablind GbR / NATURE MOBILE
    Tempelhofer Ufer 17
    D-10963 Berlin

    Web 1: www.alphablind.com
    Web 2: www.naturemobile.org
    Email: frank@alphablind.com

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